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Here comes the Sun via HMI lighting.
Portable HMI Lighting Package.

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I now have several HMI 13.2 volt lights that are daylight balanced and 12 volt tungsten lights as well. All of these lights can be powered quickly and efficiently via portable batteries or portable power supplies. The beauty of the DC battery operated lighting system is that one can move very quickly from location to location without having to lay cables to distant power sources, hide the cables, and then then move the cables after every location change.

Although power outlets are necessary to recharge the batteries, running power cords to and from the AC outlets to the various DC lights are no longer needed because the battery that powers the DC light is situated at the base of the light stand! Additionally, DC lights do not heat up a room as quickly as AC lights do. Is there a downside, sure, isn't there always! A bigger light source means softer loft, so the smaller diameter DC lights usually will have a harder edge to them.

Sometimes there will not be enough wattage to properly bounce the DC powered lights. However, film seems to handle direct lighting much better than video so this is not necessarily a deal breaker. Whenever one relies on the sun for interior lighting It is very important to finish the scene before the sun changes positions too radically. The quicker set-up times and less heat being generated by the DC lights allows for the use of these DC HMI daylight balanced or dichroic filtered tungsten lights to complement existing sunlight that is entering the room. I have used my DC lighting set-up on dalidalidali and was very pleased with the result.

Dali Dali Dali, Behind the Scenes
Current Super-8 Production News!

I have been cinematographer on a super-8 film called dalidalidali starring the multi-talented actor "Levani". Levani has shown a remarkable ability to look just like the original Dali. People walking by some of the location shoots have mistaken Levani for Dali, especially the ones that were done near the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain. If you would like to know more about Dali, Dali, Dali, film project please check out the dalidalidali website.

Many scenes have benefited from the simplicity of using Super-8 with a very small crew. Levani is not only acting in the film, he has fastidiously researched Dali and created dozens of props and backdrops as well.

More Super-8 Time Exposures
Double A Six pack runs 30 Super-8 Film Cartridges!

Location Sound, located in North Hollywood California, carries a brand of double AA batteries that ran my Canon 1014XLS for over 30 Super-8 film cartridges and they still were going strong! Please don't call them just to find out the brand and then try and find the cheapest price on the internet. At the very least, buy them from Location Sound the first time out.

By the way, their price per double AA battery was actually lower than a less powerful battery that I used to buy from either Costco or Home Depot! - Super-8mm Low Budget Feature Filmmaking Techniques

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